Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Free Choice

Year After Year

a symbol of love
to show one another
and all others
that love lasts
no matter what happens
year after year

It rubs and rubs
creates blister after blister
but that's what love is
fighting for what you love
fighting for who you love
no matter what happens
year after year

doing the little things
that make each other smile
making breakfast in bed
bringing her flowers at work
or giving him a hug when he gets out of work
no matter what happens
year after year

Love lasts

Monday, April 24, 2017

Diana Markosian: Emulation Photographs & Video

Protest, Yarmouth, April 2017

Reconnecting, Yarmouth, April 2017

Shady, Yarmouth, April 2017

Forced Love, Yarmouth, April 2017

Accident, Yarmouth, April 2017

Unwrapping, Yarmouth, April 2017

Schooling, Yarmouth, April 2017

Bad Examples, Yarmouth, April 2017

Sneaking In, Yarmouth, April 2017

In Ruins, Yarmouth, April 2017

Disobedient, Yarmouth, April 2017

Forced Veil, Yarmouth, April 2017

Emo, Yarmouth, April 2017

Monday, April 10, 2017

Sentimental Value

Outside into the cold brisk wind
Holding the leash tight in fear
That you would run away from me
We only made it half way down the road
Before you saw your friend and you dart away
I ran to catch you but you made it to her first
And by the time I got there you are already playing
And no one can pull the two of you apart

Mom could never separate the two of us
I would plop down and move only to move you
We would crawl down the hallway until we made it to your friend
And I would sit there until I thought you were done visiting with her
But I knew you never wanted to leave her
Just like I never wanted to leave you because we were 

But as the days, months, and years passed 
We no longer played every day
I had grown up and moved on to more sophisticated toys
I had a phone with an unlimited number of apps now
We were the new inseparable pair
I never looked back for you
I just moved on leaving you with your own friend to remain

Monday, April 3, 2017

Emulation Project Planning: Diana Markosian

Achkoy-Martan, Chechnya, April 2012

Serzhen-Yurt, Chechnya, February 2012

Diana Markosian was born in Russia, while still the Soviet Union, but immigrated to the United States with her family as a child, leaving her father behind.  She grew up in California and graduated from Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism.  She travels the world throwing herself into varying photography projects for long periods of time becoming very dedicated to the project that she is working on.  She has photographed in Russia, on the Silk road, Afghanistan, and other remote areas in the world.  She has earned many awards and spoken at many events throughout her photography career; such as a TED talk, the Pulitzer center on Crisis Reporting, and Forbes 30 Under 30.  And her work has appeared in many notable magazines; such as The New York Times, National Geographic, and  

While only first introduced to photography in graduate school, Diana knew she wanted to become a photographer once she experienced and learned what it had to offer.  She knew she wanted to travel to see the world and "never wanted to do things the ‘right way’.”  She began to freelance for new wires and then began to pursue her own projects.  Now looking back she states “the idea of ‘seeing the world’ is not enough for me.  I need to feel.”  Diana strives to be emotionally connected to her subjects in order to photograph relationships between her own life experiences and memories along with others.

When I first saw Diana’s work I immediately loved it.  She is able to capture pure, raw emotion that I can only hope to accomplish in my photography.  I did not only connect with her techniques but also her message in her collection Goodbye My Chechnya.  I come from a family where my mother left her homeland to come to America and fled from unsafe conditions.  When I saw the message behind Markosian’s work I fell in love with it.  This collection shows the “most innocent acts” of breaking the rules that will result in extreme punishment if caught.  Diana’s unique story and message are why I choose to emulate her work.  When emulating her work I plan to recreate simple, small acts that we do not think twice about but a girl in Chechnya would never think to do.  Capturing faces and body language that expresses the message that Diana was trying to accomplish, along with what I believe, in our society today, are small, subtle acts of rebellion.

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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Custom Layouts

During this assignment, I learned many new things about Photoshop and how to think creatively to create unique layouts that worked cohesively.  With little experience in Photoshop, I played around with different tools to figure out what worked well together.  I learned how to utilize specific tools to enhance my photographs and unify them to create a unique and put together the layout.  I learned how to use the hue/satueration, the color balance, filter, black and white, and the opacity tools.  In my first layout, I used the hue/saturation tool and the color balance tool.  By using both of these tools I was able to give all my photographs a tint that unified them.  In my second layout, I used a filter.  By using this filter the already unified subjects of the buildings came together more to create the layout.  For my third layout, I used the black and white tool and the opacity tool.  By doing this I was able to bring together the varying colors in each photograph and subdue them to create another unified layout.  Learning how to use each of these tools to enhance my photographs and layouts is something that I am very proud of because I started with little knowledge of Photoshop but explore what it had to offer and figured it out to create three unique layouts.

As I worked through this project I encountered many challenges and difficulties.  When first assigned this project one difficulty that I came across very quickly was a subject matter.  While it was simpler, but not easy, to come up with flowers and buildings as subjects, it took a lot of thought and searching through my photographs to come up with the idea of a micro layout theme.  Another challenge that I had, with my first layout, was arranging each photograph so that the colors overall in the layout would look unified.  With many differing shades, but also similar colors I had to make sure to arrange each photograph in a way that the colors would not be unbalanced in the layout.  One more difficulty that I had, with my third layout, was figuring out a way for the layout and photographs to look unified with varying images.  With subduing the colors and arranging the photos so that one where the image was very clear what it was next to one that it wasn't very clear what the image has created a layout that looked balanced.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Destruction, Decaying or Dormant

Warm and cozy
Rugs covered the floor
ready to be lied on at any time
Music playing softly in the background
With a lamp to light the brand new room

They were happy
There was a glitter in her eyes
Hope filled her as her new home
had just been completed

There was so much for them to do
She was eager to fill all the rooms
especially the barn

The barn became her favorite place to go
to be alone
to think
to escape
what happened in the house

But as time passed
along with the barn she aged
Her hope and glitter faded
Just as the barn soon would

It had fought many storms
just as she had
But there was one thing different
between the two
The barn still stood strong

Monday, February 27, 2017


She peers outside
through the blinds
She hasn't been outside
in years
She looks outside
and wishes to be with the world

The sunny days of beach trips
and the snowy days of snowman building
The rainy days of splashing in puddles
and the foggy days of weaving her way in and out 
of traffic hoping just hoping 
she can make her way to the other side

The other side holds hope
She hopes for the other side
If she can make it there
she can make it anywhere

She can't leave though
She won't leave
The four concrete walls around her
enclosed her
Trap her within
what she used to call home