Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Most memorable experiences

Throughout the semester of Photo 2, I have had many very memorable learning experiences.  One of these experiences was my Custom Layouts.  Photoshop was not a strong suit of mine coming into this semester.  But I found messing around with tools and asking questions when they arose, ended with a product of some of my best work.  Using exposure, contrast, and filters helped to add to my images and my layouts overall.  My flower custom layout was an initial idea that I had but I could not figure out how to unify this image for some time.  It was not until I found how to change the tint of each image that this layout really came together to create a unified image.  My building layout also was not something that I could figure out how to come together until I found a filter to unify the images into one picture.

Another assignment that was a very memorable learning experience was using the film cameras.  In Photo 1 we only had one assignment in the darkroom, Pinhole Cameras, and while it was very informative how to develop photos, using film in the darkroom really broadened my knowledge of the darkroom and film overall.  Having the to take the film from inside the canister to rolling it to developing and finally to enlarging and printing, the process was a long one but extremely informational.  I reviewed the concept of developing photos while in the darkroom and learned many more new things.  Figuring out how to use the enlarger was one of the most memorable parts.  Focusing, placing the image on the easel, and deciding the timing for printing were all learning experiences in the darkroom with film.  Towards the end of the semester in the darkroom we were able to decide what time we wished to print our photos and with Melissa's approval, we printed them.  Thi was a large learning experience and independent step.  Being able to choose this artistically gave us more freedom and helped to develop our own artistic persona.  Overall I am very happy with my assignments this semester, have learned many new things, and look forward to Photo 3 next year.

Assignment that I am the most proud of

Overall I feel that I had many successes throughout my semester in Photo 2.  Some of my best successes I feel have come from the bi-weekly assignments.  Water, signs of spring, and glass are my proudest assignments from biweeklies.  My water biweekly, specifically the two photos which I have put in my portfolio, where my first assignment this semester and the biweekly that I am the proudest of.  I feel that I started the semester very strong with two unique photos.  The image of the back with water rolling off is one of my favorites.  I feel that the abstract look of the water gives the image an eerie feel.  With the abstract look to the image many have to relook at the image before they figure out what it is, and for this reason, I am very proud.  My other water picture, which is of the milk in the flower vase, I am also very proud of.  The image was inspired by an idea that I found on Pinterest.  I saw food coloring being dropped into a water glass and thought that this idea would be unique to adapt in my own way and photograph.  I found that using a white color in combination with the green flower stem created a pleasing color scheme and made the image overall calm.  I am very proud of my water biweekly and have really enjoyed my Photo 2 experience.

Black and White Darkroom Printing

• To learn how to use a film camera to help understand manual exposure
• To learn the process of exposing, developing and printing from black and white film in the traditional darkroom setting

Throughout my time using traditional film cameras, I learned many very important things.  The first and most important thing that I learned while shooting in film was the importance of contrast.   When we first began shooting with the film camera and I looked through the viewfinder and saw color.  I did not remember that we were shooting in black and white until after my first two rolls of film.  After realizing this fact I started to focus more on the importance of contrast because without color contrast was what the picture had to bring the image alive.  Another very important thing that I learned to focus on while shooting film was composition.  Without having a pop of color to catch the viewers eye, composition became something very important in an image.  With each shot, I found myself adjusting where my subject was located to make sure when it came out the viewer would not be bored by the image, but rather intrigued with the unique composition and viewpoints of my images.  Overall I learned to focus on many important things while using the film cameras that will help with my manual settings on my camera and help to create the composition, exposure, and much more that I hope for in my digital photographs.

I enjoyed all aspects of our film photography unit; from shooting to developing in the darkroom to printing the photographs.  But what I found the most exciting about using the film cameras was the timelessness that the film has.  We developed the film itself and can never lose it "in the cloud."  In our society, dominated by digital technologies, to have photos forever is something amazing.  With our digital cameras simply uploading them to one computer then switching computers can cause you to lose all your photos in one second.  But with the film that we developed, we will forever have them.  Another aspect that I really enjoyed about using the film cameras was the darkroom process.  Learning how a photo is developed and what each chemical did to the photograph helped me to understand photography and have an appreciation for those that came before the digital age.  Overall the film photography unit was one of my favorites and taught me the most about photography this semester.

Monday, June 12, 2017


The bright light as I look up
makes my eyes water
but I do not care
I continue to look for the 
yellow in the sky
I lift my hand quickly to wipe
the tears falling down my face
from the burn of the light
But rapidly refocus on the yellow
I see it
My hand slowly reaches
up up up
until it is above my head
and I am stretching it so far
that I can feel the pain
under my arm 
but I continue to reach and reach
Finally the yellow brushes my fingertips
and I feel my hand grip the fuzz
The ball falls into my grip and
we begin again
with our game
mostly one sided
but entertainment for us both
as the yellow reaches for the sky
and comes back down to our

Man vs. Nature

Overall I am pleased with my Man vs Nature photoshop creations.  I am the proudest of my first creation with the tree, the person (Olivia), and her hair.  I feel that this photo subtly, but ideally embodied Man vs Nature.  The tree that was used to create her hair has strands to look very similar to hair; which, makes one take a second look at the image before realizing what it actually is.  I am the proudest of this creation because I feel that it embodies what Man vs Nature was meant to do: to combine portraits with an image from nature and to make one think.  The simple background aside from the tree makes the "hair" one of the busiest areas of the photo and draws one's eye.  Overall I am very proud of my Man vs Nature final products.

Some things that I had difficulties with this project were finding the correct images to work together and figuring out how the opacity of each layer.  My first difficulty was with finding images that would go well together.  In my first image using the picture of the person and the tree, I knew that I wanted an image that was not too colorful to distract from the simplicity of the image.  After trying a few images this picture was created.  I used the trial and error method for this difficulty to work through the assignment.  My second difficulty was with the opacity tool.  Along with figuring out what images to use I had a difficult time with adjusting the opacity to go with each image.  After messing around with the percentage of opacity and what type of opacity I wanted with each image, I believe that I have created successful Man vs Nature images.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017


Breathe in in in
My head whips around
to see her smiling face
Full of life and excitement
Ready to take on the world

I know it's her even before I turn around
She has this one distinctive feature about her
Not her beautiful short brown hair
Or her deep chocolate brown eyes
Not even her generous nature
that one can feel when she enters a room
No it's her smell

The small subtle hint of lavender
as she walks into a room
Not too much
Not too little
just the right amount

She glides into a room
and her scent always follows
well it used to always follow

Now that's all left of her
unique feature is her bottle
made of shiny slippery glass
that could suddenly drop shatter and be gone
just as she did

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Signs of Spring

She brings happiness to all
They don't always associate her with it
but she brings it all
The longer days
bright colors
and the sun
She travels from one place to another
spreading her happiness as she goes

She is a gift to us all
one that we must appreciate
because before we know it
she will be gone
not to come again until next